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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is an extensive dental treatment plan designed for individuals experiencing widespread dental issues. This comprehensive approach addresses severe wear, multiple missing teeth, significant decay, and other complex dental problems. The process involves a combination of various treatments such as crowns, bridges, implants, and veneers to fully restore both the function and aesthetics of your mouth.

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • Restores Functionality: Rebuilds the functionality of your teeth, allowing you to chew and speak comfortably.

  • Improves Aesthetic Appearance: Enhances the overall appearance of your smile, aligning it more closely with your natural facial features.

  • Customized Treatment Plan: Each full mouth reconstruction is tailored specifically to the patient's needs, addressing all underlying issues with a holistic approach.

  • Long-Term Dental Health: Aims to resolve foundational issues, promoting long-term oral health and preventing future complications.

Why Choose Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is ideal for those with extensive dental problems looking for a complete renewal of their oral health. It is a transformative process that not only improves the aesthetics of your smile but also corrects functional issues, enhancing your overall quality of life.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Full mouth reconstruction is a complex process that typically requires multiple visits and phases of treatment, which may include:

  • Initial Consultation and Planning: Comprehensive examination to assess the extent of damage and plan the necessary procedures.

  • Preparatory Treatments: Addressing any gum disease, extractions, or other preliminary treatments needed.

  • Reconstructive Phase: Placement of crowns, bridges, implants, and veneers as needed.

  • Recovery and Adjustment: Time for healing and adjustments to ensure comfort and optimal function.

Commitment to Patient Safety

Our practice is dedicated to the highest standards of patient safety and clinical excellence. We employ advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies to ensure that your full mouth reconstruction is as effective and comfortable as possible. Our team of specialists collaborates closely to craft a treatment plan that addresses all aspects of your dental health, ensuring a successful outcome and a renewed smile.

At Tiffany Family Dental, we specialize in reconstructive dentistry using advanced tools like digital scanners and intraoral cameras. Our commitment to personalized care ensures you're fully informed throughout your treatment, meeting your unique dental needs effectively.

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